-#1 Global Viral on Spotify With Facebook Ads
-#1 Grossing iTunes and Play Store(s) For It's Category
-$0 to $40k MRR With A 4.2x ROAS
-$100,000 in ad spend to $2,100,0000 in Revenue For FTSE 100 Company
-Consulted for multiple unicorn (billion dollar) startups across multiple verticals.
-Dozens More Successes

We scale businesses with digital advertising.

We work with brands on the cusp of success who need that extra push.

Our unique approach that focuses on media buying, conversion rate optimization, creative ideation, and funnel creation drives real results.

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Your brand deserves to work with experts. Our agency focuses on paid digital advertising, but that isn't enough. Every individual on our team focuses on a few specific core areas. When we work together we'll build you a bespoke team based on your needs that will work with your team to rapidly scale your business. Here's some strengths our team has:


Save Money

Our team is battle tested across hundreds of different brands. We know the strategies and methods to quickly scale while maintaining a great return on ad spend.

Save Time

Your business has looming growth goals. Now isn't the time to sit on your hands. We move fast to find the strategies that work to make your company grow.

Aligned Goals + Efforts

When we setup a bespoke marketing team for your company we tightly integrate our people and processes to maximize our results. No secret sauce, just transparency, data oriented decision making, and open communication.

Love The Work And Process

Life is far too short to not love what you do. We strive in all our projects to take things seriously, but have fun with the process as well.

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

Don't trust us. Trust our happy customers and world class experts who have reviewed our courses.

  • I have worked with Jeromy for 2 years now. Despite my budget being extremely small for my industry Jeromy has helped me break into the online market and carve a piece out for myself. He has worked with my on different strategies and concepts consistently throughout our working relationship. He is conscientious and intelligent and always willing to explain his processes and give good opinions on what moves to make next. I highly recommend his services.
  • Working with Jeromy and his team is one of the best experiences I've had working with a marketing team...I can't recommend Jeromy enough.
  • I loved working with Jeromy. He was such a great coach. We worked with him on a PPC project. He was so awesome to work with because not only did he do what he said he was going to do, but he taught us along the way and brought us on the journey. I'd absolutely recommend working with him.
  • Really great experience working with Moonshine Marketing. Quality work and a good team.
  • Jeromy is easily the most technically proficient and forward-thinking marketer that I've ever had the pelasure of working with. Any firm would be incredibly lucky to have him on their side.