Learn to dominate paid digital advertising for your company, no matter what size, from people that have managed millions and worked for billion dollar companies.

Warning. This course will not make you an overnight success.

The purpose of these courses is to teach you fundamental and platform specific skills to help you make a realistic jump in your business.

Want to go from 2x to 3x ROAS with your e-commerce store? We've got you.

Want to cut your cost per lead by 10-20%? We can help with that.

Want to learn platform best practices for the next big opportunities in digital advertising? That's up our alley.

Don't be fooled by gurus who promise the world. Be guided by experts who will help you take the next step.

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Beginner Reddit Advertising

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Beginner Pinterest Advertising

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Advanced Reddit Advertising

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Beginner Facebook Advertising

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Beginner Twitter Advertising

All our courses are hand created by an expert on our team who has at least 3+ years of experience and has spent real money on these platforms.

In addition we offer a money back guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied we'll return your money. We only win if you're totally happy.


Save Money

Trial and error is slow and expensive. The right plan can save you months and thousands of dollars.

Save Time

While you're sleeping your competitors are working. Don't be left in the dust, get ahead of the competition with the right paid digital advertising today.

Learn The Right Way The First Time

Avoid having to unlearn bad habits. Learn the right how, what, and why out of the gate.

Love The Work And Process

Turn your marketing from a tedious chore into a a delight that you can't wait to innovate and dive into every single day..

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

Don't trust us. Trust our happy customers and world class experts who have reviewed our courses.

  • Andrew Sneddon
    The folks over at Moonshine Marketing are amazing to work with. Not only is their customer service awesome, but the results they deliver are unmatched, couldn't be happier and I highly recommend these guys! Thank you again for everything Moonshine!!
    Andrew Sneddon
  • John Atkins
    Simply put - Jeromy is an expert online advertiser. He's my go-to digital ad person who I've chosen to handle ad spend, creative, and placement for most of the brands I've quarterbacked marketing for during the last 5-years. I've brought him on to help me out with various projects in the tech and eCommerce spaces, and his strategies have always performed beyond expectations.
    John Atkins
  • Matt Parrilla
    Jeromy provided assistance that had an immediate and material impact on my ecommerce business. He identified specific problems with our strategy and got us pointed in the right direction. Very helpful!
    Matt Parrilla
  • Tom Davenport
    Jeromy is a great reliable media buyer. He is great with communication, he understand consumer behaviour, and quickly gets to the heart of what a brand is about. We have extremely high standards when looking for contractors, I will have no hesitation coming back to Jeromy whenever we need extra support.
    Tom Davenport
  • Greg Sadetsky
    Jeromy helped us grow our ecommerce business. He provided valuable insight and an actionable plan, and rapidly set up a campaign that very successfully converted shoppers into buyers. We will definitely do business again with him and his colleagues. Thank you very much!
    Greg Sadetsky
  • I have worked with Jeromy for 2 years now. Despite my budget being extremely small for my industry Jeromy has helped me break into the online market and carve a piece out for myself. He has worked with my on different strategies and concepts consistently throughout our working relationship. He is conscientious and intelligent and always willing to explain his processes and give good opinions on what moves to make next. I highly recommend his services.
  • Working with Jeromy and his team is one of the best experiences I've had working with a marketing team...I can't recommend Jeromy enough.
  • I loved working with Jeromy. He was such a great coach. We worked with him on a PPC project. He was so awesome to work with because not only did he do what he said he was going to do, but he taught us along the way and brought us on the journey. I'd absolutely recommend working with him.
  • Really great experience working with Moonshine Marketing. Quality work and a good team.
  • Jeromy is easily the most technically proficient and forward-thinking marketer that I've ever had the pelasure of working with. Any firm would be incredibly lucky to have him on their side.